Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to talibon.

We arrived in Talibon at about 4:00pm via a boat. I was so happy seeing my father. By the way it's his birthday today and so we have a little party with relatives and friends. Maddie enjoyed seeing the roaster outside. Anyway, the rain started pouring as soon as we got home and it was so humid that you can't stop sweating. Everybody was there except my brother who has work and will be home the following Friday. It's nice to be home again.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome to the Philippines.

Yepey, finally we got here in Cebu after 27 hours in the plane and some lay over. I am glad we are here. When we landed the rain starts pouring. Outside the airport my family we're waiting for us. We are so happy to see them. We rode a taxi to Marriot and rest there for a little bit before going to Ayala Center and find something to eat. We are all exhausted from the trip that we didn't even bother to eat dinner. Also Maddie was very sleepy. I woke up at midnight and went to the room where my family stay. They we're sleeping already and so I just went back to our room and continued sleeping. In the morning we have to get ready to catch the boat at noon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The day of our flight to the Philippines.

We are getting ready today for our flight to the Philippines. We have to be in the airport at 1:00pm. Also Super Shuttle will pick us up at that time. We are really excited and I am also anxious very it's very far and travelling with a baby. I don't know what to expect but for sure it will be a tiring and long trip. I just hope that everything will be fine and Maddie will be in goo health.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Going to the mall.

Yesterday, we went to Southwest Mall and took some of Maddie's picture riding the big Builder. It was nice looking at her enjoying the ride and laughing out loud. She had a good time. The bad thing was it was already closing and so we have to leave. For sure we'll come back later and let her enjoy and take her time playing. Here are some of her pictures.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday party for Maddie.

Maddie's birthday party is going to be held in the Philippines when we go on our vacation. My mom already plan for it and she will pay for al the expenses. Yehey, lucky us we don't have to pay for it. Well, we dp catering and they will do all the work. we just have to go to the venue and that's it. I want to rest on that vacation and not get busy preparing for party. Anyway, hope everything will be fine with God's will and we will enjoy our trip.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excited for the trip.

We are all excited for our trip to the Philippines and so are my family. They can't wait to see little Maddie. Also, my niece is very excited to play with Maddie. They are only 1 year apart and so they might have a good time playing with each other. My mom wanted to buy a camcorder to record her granddaughters meeting for the first time and their moments playing. But let's see. If not there's always a camera that hubby is going to take.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting vaccinated for the trip.

Hubby has to go to Kaiser today to have his Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccine. He had it when he was still in the military but the nurse in Kaiser said that it has to be updated. It's been a long time since hubby had it and so it might not protect him anymore. So, hubby went their today for his shot.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talking with my family.

Last night I talked to my mom and my sister at home. They are doing just fine and they bought a new TV. The old one where I bought it in 2000 is not working anymore. Something exploded I think because of not resting. My father likes to turn it on from morning till the following day and sleep watching TV. That's probably why it exploded. Something burn so it needed a new one I guess. Now, they like their new Samsung TV.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nothing much.

Being Monday there's nothing much to do today. Over the weekend we spent most of the time outside home. We start buying things for our trip so that we ave everything we needed. Today, Maddie and I plan on sleeping in and start packing our stuff when we can. Daddy has to work and might come home late. Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going to Babie's R Us.

Today, we need to go to Babies R Us to buy some diaper for Maddie. We still have a few left but it's nice to have more when you need it. We usually buy it there because we think that it's cheaper. Who knows. Diapers are very expensive baby item just like milk. Also, I already ordered online Maddie's Elecare milk to take to the Philippines. Hopefully, we'll get it before we go. Have a pleasant Sunday guys.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lazy to cook tonight.

After hubby came from biking we decided to go eat out in Country Buffet because I was lazy to cook tonight. I mean I gave myself some break from cooking. I guess I'm tired eating my food. Sometimes cooking everyday for the whole week seems boring though it's not good to eat out often but eating once in a while is not too bad at all. We had some menudo again and some freshly baked hot bread. It was good but I ate too much and that's was bad because it's late already when we went there and now I'm still digesting. I never learn anything from eating out. Have a good night guys.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good weather in Denver.

Right now we are in the 70's. It's really good to be outside but Maddie is taking her afternoon nap right now. Maybe whe she wakes up we can go for a walk. Also, I want to go to target to buy some chocolates which are on sale right now. I can take it to the Philippines to give. For sure they will like it specially the kids. Have a wonderful afternoon guys.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A visit from a cousin.

I called my sister in the Philippines today and she told me that my cousin is there right now visiting. He is their to attend the All Souls day and visit my grandmother's grave. They are having a little get together while I called and so I was able to talk with everyone. It sounded like they are having fun. Tomorrow, he is going back to Cebu with his sister riding in a boat for four hours. It's quite a slow boat ride. My brother also leaves tomorrow but at night. He has to work the following day.