Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy weekend.

What a rainy weekend. Instead of us going to the park we ended up staying at home. It rained for two days and what an allergy I have right now. Hopefully, this rain is going to wash away all the allergens. I am thinking of taking some supplements to help me with this allergy. I have heard that it's really good in your throat, nose and ear area. Hopefully, it will work. Anyway, have a goo night guys. See you around.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What a waste.

I didn't check my blog for a while and I lost a guest post. What a waste. Anyway, here I am now updating my site. Hopefully, it will come back. I woke up really early today for my 7:00am dental appointment and I just got back. While the two kids are still sleeping I am trying to do some blogging here. It's rare that I can do this if they are awake. Though I want to take some sleep but maybe after this. Have a good day guys.

surreal satellite sitcoms.

Written by my friend Otis Buckley

Friends has to be one of my favouite television sitcoms ever. It is fantstic to watch and has some hillarious one line jokes and phrases which I have tried to incorporaate into my life with excellent results. Matt LeBlank who plays sexaholic Joey in the sitcom is awesome. His character Joey is a slightly dense yet straight talking person who lives life to the full. He is the main character and is the top name in our family of sitcom stars that we would like to meet. www.cannonsatellite.com everyday as the choice is just so amazing with features to suit our busy life styles. The plots in the series vary and many resemble real life problems mainly dealing with relationship issues but in a caring and funny way. All the characters address life with a glass half full attitude rather than pessimistically looking at life with a glass half empty style. This is a bonus to people watching who can relate to the problems and will see their own problems with a more lighter attitude.