Monday, August 30, 2010

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking for a zero depth pool for Maddie.

Last weekend we went to different recreation center to look for a zero depth pool for Maddie to play and dip. She was very excited to look at the pools but they we're closed for maintenance. I felt bad for her. We went to two different recreation center but not in any luck. So, we just decided to go home and she can use her little pool. She was already wearing her swimsuit and when we get home hubby prepared her pool with water and she enjoyed her little swimming pool. She doesn't even want to get out of the water after an hour but its started to get colder already. We have to get her out crying. We promised to do it again soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here comes Thursday.

What a beautiful day it is. Not so hot compare to the weather forecast for tomorrow which is in the nineties. It must be very hot again to go outdoor. Hubby's plan is to go biking early and then he will have his free time in the after for us and to watch the wedding of his brother in the net. His mother and sister are already excited about the wedding. Hubby kept calling them for any update and news. He must also be excited for his brothers upcoming wedding which is tomorrow.

Sleeping in.

Hubby slept in today in the morning. He didn't go biking early. I guess he needed some sleep after waking up almost everyday early just to go biking. Now he needed some rest. Anyway, Maddie and I also slept in but I have to get up at nine am to grab a quick breakfast and give Maddie her milk. Then continue sleeping. What a life.

10th Annual BET Awards.

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

The 10th Annual BET Awards gave credit where credit was due to the black entertainers of 2010. Awards went to black performers of movies, music, and talk shows; nominated by their peers. A special award went to the most achieving performing of their entire career; i don't exactly remember who got that award. The award show hosted by Queen Latifa and she did a very good job, even though it was her first time hosing these awards. They had a great number of performances by artists like Trey Songz, P. Diddy, T-Pain, and Rick Ross, but my most favorite performance was done by Patt LaBelle. She sang "Purple Rain", one of Prince's most popular songs; she did a phenomenal job of executing his song and it seemed as if she did it with ease. Now that's what I call talent. There was an after party special held after the award show where all the performers got to hang out, party and chill with each other. Not only was this the best BET award show ever put together, but it was the best award show I have ever seen. What made this experience even better was I watched on some of the best best cable tv deals.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No power early morning.

When hubby got home from biking early today he started to prepare Maddie's milk and suddenly heard something exploded outside. That did it. The power went off. So, he gave Maddie a cold milk. Maddie didn't drink it. This is our big problem going out or traveling far because she doesn't like to drink cold milk. Hubby tried warming it up in a hot running water. It didn't do anything but Maddie drunk it. I guess she was so hungry that's why. From now on we have to try giving it to her cold and see what will happen. She will get use to it. Hopefully.

How I Got Him to Watch Fever Pitch.

Posted by Jerold Austin

I once convinced my boyfriend at the time to watch my favorite chick flick with me. The movie was called Fever Pitch and I constantly reassured him that it was a movie about baseball. He fell for it and watched the entire movie with me until he realized that the main character's love for baseball was really secondary to the film. It was actually the reason that the relationship between the two main characters might not work out. He wasn't upset at me but he did try to get me to watch a real baseball movie. I fell asleep pretty quickly because baseball doesn't interest me but sappy romance filled chick flicks sure do.

Fever Pitch was actually on the satellite from just a few nights ago and I asked him to watch it again with me. It happened to be my favorite and he obliged and watched it because I made him dinner. It stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is a school teacher who is absolutely obsessed with the Red Sox. Barrymore doesn't mind this obsession at first because their relationship is fun and she doesn't mind him being passionate about a sport.

Where they run into problems is planning their future together. Can she rely on him when he drops everything for a silly game? I like this movie because my relationship situation matches pretty well to that of the two main characters.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Planning on visiting a friend this Friday.

This Friday is hubby's day off and so he suggested that Maddie and Rachel can play. Since the last time Maddie saw Rachel when we went out bowling, Maddie can't stop talking about her. She kept calling her name and so hubby felt bad that she wanted to play with her or have someone to play with. That is why he suggested to drive us to see Rachel. Maybe this Friday. Let's see because we are also looking forward to the video online with the wedding of hubby's brother.

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Hubby's family is excited for the wedding of his brother.

This coming Friday is hubby's brother's wedding in California. Too bad we can go attend. Hubby called his family and they are excited ad his brother is getting nervous about the wedding. They already got their place ready where they live after the wedding. Also, they are going to Europe for their honeymoon. Hubby's little brother said that he is going to record the wedding live and put it in the internet for hubby to watch. Let's see what will happen. How sharp it's going to be.

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