Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning piano is fun.

Have you heard lately of this great website It's the best and the fastest way to learn to play piano. Isn't it amazing that you can learn piano in as little as 20 minutes? With their Easy Beginner Method, you can. Log on to their website at and register or learn how.

Do you have kids? Most parent would want the best for their child. We want them to learn more things in their early life's. We want to give them or provide them things that we don't have growing up. Isn't this the best gift that you can give to your child? Enrol them now to learn how to play piano and I am sure that you will be satisfied and happy that you did.

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Dine out for lunch.

We went to Golden Corral yesterday for lunch and planned on going to the Aquarium downtown after. But after eating it was already late to go to the said place and so we decided to try it again next weekend. Instead we went to performance bicycle to buy cycling shorts for hubby. Good thing they have a tent sale going on and so hubby bought two pairs of riding shorts. Then after we went to Costco to buy milk for Maddie and went home after because it started to rain and thunder with lightning. Not good to be outside so much.t was a good day for us.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bathroom at it's best.

Have you visited If not, then you've missed big time. In this website they offer bathrooms at a very reasonable price with quality in style and durability in their products. They have a wide variety of selections to choose from to make your bathroom looks great and in style. You can also install a new bathroom cabinets to fit your new decor. It is amazing how your new bathroom will look like.

They also offer an extensive range of showers from known brands like St. James and Aqualisa. They have the best designs and it's very durable. I am sure you will enjoy when you take a shower the new comfort of your new bathroom with the new features,style and design.

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My aunt is going home to the Philippines.

I just learned that my aunt in California is going home next month to the Philippines. How I wish I can go home too. My mom and my aunt we're also planning of going home next May for a family reunion. That would be nice but I don't think I can go home either. Maybe when the kids are a little older it would be better for us to go back home.