Monday, January 30, 2012

Sending a box home.

Today, I just packed my box to send to the Philippines. It's done with the help of my two little angles. They also had fun filling and taping the box. Now, it is ready to be shipped. First, I need to call the agent to pick it up but I prefer weekend pick-up though. Anyway, hubby asked if we went out today because it was the warmest day of the week but we didn't. Well, maybe next time for sure we'll go walking outside.

On my Own

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

I recently graduated from college, and am just starting out on my own for the first time. I obviously lived away from my parents while I was in college, but they were still paying most of my bills. They’re going to help me get on my feet, but pretty soon all help from them is going to be over. I’ll be a true adult, living on my own, paying rent and utilities, etc. It’s scary but exciting at the same time. To prepare myself, I’ve been doing everything I can to save money and create a workable but tight budget. I have bargain shopped as much as I can for furniture and stuff I’ll need for my apartment, and I’m on a self-imposed shopping restriction for all non-essentials. I also discovered, thanks to my leasing agent, that in Texas you can select your own energy providers! I shopped around for the provider that offered the cheapest rates, and I’ll be able to save a lot of money. The best part? I told my parents, who are lifelong Texans, about this opportunity and they made a switch too. I’ve only been on my own for a few weeks and I’m already teaching my parents something. Impressive. Take a look at Flower mound has the Power to Choose to see if you can save too.