Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fixing the house in Talibon

My mom is trying to finish the house in Talibon in preparation for our trip home. But there's a lot of things to be done and you know money is low. If I have a job I could have help but I told her as long as its close and no mosqueto's can bite Maddie. What happen was when I was still working my mom and I decided to have our house renovated but later she just have it fully demolished and put up a new one. It was an old house already and no maintenance so really is needed lot's for repair which is more than the cost of just demolishing it. They started working it last year but then I got pregnant and stop working and so my mom was the only one putting up the money. When the house is close that is decent to live we stop the work. But now that we are going home and huby and MAddie is going we need to put the tiles and the screen. Also close everthing for the AC. MAddie really needs it. She sweats a lot. Anyway, hope everythings done before we go home.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Talking with my sister.

I called my sister and we chat for a while. She said that they are very excited for our up coming trip. My father said that if there's still some cases of swine flu then we might just stick around the house avoid crowded environment especially with Maddie being with us. It means we might not to go the mall or beach resort. What a flu, it's going to destroy our vacation. Anyway, we have to monitor though before we go home if it's safe. I don't want to get stuck for five days quarantine. In that case all of our vacations days is over because we are going to be there for 14 days only. What a waste of money hug? Well, hubby needs to work. Next time when Maddie is a bit older maybe well stay for a long time. We too are excited sister and hope we can really go home with God's will.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ma and Pa

This picture was taken on Jeanette's wedding last year 2008 of May. My mom went home to attend the wedding. I'm supposed to be there too. Got the ticket already but my morning sickness was too much that I have to cancel my flight. I wish I could have attended the wedding but I'm happy Maddie is healthy too. We'll be going home this year with hubby to see them anyway. Hubby bought the tickets already. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My brother and my niece

This is my brother Aldwin and my niece Mary Hanzel Caroline. I haven't see her in person yet but maybe this year on our up coming Philippine trip. I am looking forward to this trip because Maddie and Caroline are going to see each other and play. Although Caroline is going to be a year older than Maddie but the difference is not a lot. For sure they will have a good time.

My little brother is now working in VECO cebu as IT. He just transfered from Davao lights. Hope everything's fine with him.

Just a pose of him outside our house in the nepa hut. Oh, I missed them so much. Hope we can really go home this year to be with them. See you soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

High school batch reunion

This are my classmates back in high school. They ahd a class reunion in 2008 but I was able to go home because of my pregnancy. Had the ticket to go home but it was too difficult for me. For sure they had a good time. It would have been nice o each them and eat that lechon. Oh delicious!!Maybe next time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Talibon, Bohol

Talibon is a 1st class minicipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It lies on the northwestern coast of Bohol. 114.8 km. from tagbilaran City. land area of 177.04 sq. km. And has a population census of 59,274 people.
This is the church where I usually attend mass every Sunday and Wednesday for the novena for the catholic school where I attended in high school. It's fiest celebration is every last Saturday of the month of May. It's a big celebration of my hometown that people all over the world goback to this hometown just to attend that celeration.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My life story

I am the eldest daughter in the family of six. I have two sister's and one brother. I grow up in my hometown Talibon, Bohol where I studied my elementary and high school education then I went to the city, Cebu to proceed with my Bachelor's degree. After that I worked in a telecommunications company in Cebu for five years. The company closed in 2000 and so I decided on going into business. I opened a pharmacy in Mandaue after that. I operated it for almost 2 years before I decided to come here in the US of A. I worked in California for almost three years before I decided to get married with my loving and caring husband and moved to Colorado. Later in 2008 I got pregnant and blessed with our bundle of joy, Maddie. Now, I am living in this beautiful and colorful Colorado with my family.